• 1995
    The chewing gum production began in 1995, and the brand Keloğlan who is still known today met with children for the first time in 1995.
  • 1998
    The soft candy factory was put into service, and Bebeto, as a brand new brand, appeared on the shelves with local and global brands.
  • 2005
    By means of its increasing production capacity, private label production began, and the first cooperation was conducted with the brand Wrigley.
  • 2007
    The cooperation agreement was signed with Frito Lay.
  • 2008
    BRC Food certification, which indicates the qualification level in hygiene, food safety and quality management systems, was received.
  • 2010
    Kervan Gıda took the biggest step in export branding and involved in Turquality program.
  • 2012
    The first foreign office was established in the USA.
  • 2014
    The game Candy Crush played all over the world was licensed soft candy brand of Kervan Gıda.
  • 2015
    With the office opened in the UK, the brand Bebeto reached a much stronger position in the UK market.
  • 2015
    The first marshmallow line of production was established.
  • 2015
    Following global trends, Bebeto launched the multi-packaged Fruit Strings brand including vitamins A, E and C.
  • 2016
    As a result of research conducted with 12,000 consumers by "Product of the Year UK", Bebeto Fruit Strings was awarded the "soft candy product of the year" in the UK.
  • 2016
    Due to R&D of Kervan Gıda, the popcorn flavor met with marshmallows, and the products launched with the Cornmallow brand were highly appreciated in the markets.
  • 2017
    Believing in the power of localization in respective markets, Kervan Gıda bought Dexters, a local soft candy brand in the UK.
  • 2017
    With the brand Bebeto of Kervan Gıda, the number of exported countries has reached up to 90.
  • 2017
    New investments were made in jelly production to increase its capacity.
  • 2017
    2017 Bebeto appeared on the shelves of Migros, A101 and Bim, the retail giant supermarkets of Turkey.
  • 2017
    Kervan Gıda became the biggest soft candy producer and exporter of Turkey.
  • 2017
    As a result of the market success of Bebeto marshmallow products, it was decided to establish a second marshmallow line.