Work for Kervan

In Kervan Gıda, we work to have the highest quality human sources in the framework of our company’s objectives and policies and to continuously improve this strength and to increase productivity.

Among our fundamental objectives are; our commitment to equality among our employees, to pursue a fair management policy, to take into account material and immaterial all kinds of rights of our employees and to ensure that they work in a healthy and safe environment.

Selection and Recruitment

The very objective of selection and recruitment in Kervan Gıda is to employ colleagues capable of fulfilling the requirements of their positions that they undertake in the best way, working in compliance with corporate culture and continuously increasing their contribution to the company.

Applications may be submitted from different sources, such as e-mail, website, and company employee recommendation. All submitted applications are processed in the Kervan Gıda human resources application database.


In Kervan, external training activities are organized for the personal development, improvement of technical knowledge and to enable them to follow up technological innovations. Trainings are planned and performed in line with the qualifications and positions of the employees.

Internal trainings are delivered within company to improve technical knowledge of the employees and for delivery of annual necessary (legally mandatory) trainings. The training required by law (mandatory) and professional training are carried out through internal training organization.

For personal and professional development of our employees our BEBETO ACADEMY training portal also actively serves.

Motivation Activities

Motivation action plans are prepared according to the employee satisfaction surveys. Sportive, cultural and social activities are organized.

  • Picnic events
  • Breakfast events
  • Marriage and birth assistance
  • Events on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Occupational health and Safety

All necessary safety precautions are taken with the full time working occupational health and safety specialist and relevant board established within the company and the awareness of our employees are improved with related trainings.

Suggestion System

In Kervan Gıda, our employees are our source for ensuring the continuous development and sustainability of our business. With this thought in mind, within the scope of our suggestion system; suggestions of our employees to improve operational efficiency and including operational improvements are evaluated and rewarded.

In order to recruit the candidates most suitable for relevant positions in Kervan Gıda, Human Resources and relevant department managers carry out interviews. The human resources department makes initial evaluations at the interviews based on criteria such as qualifications of candidates, personal characteristics and adaptation to organizational culture. The Director of the relevant department evaluates the technical knowledge of the candidate, suitability for the team, whether he/she has necessary experience and competence to carry out the work at the required level and informs the candidate about the details of the work. As a result of the interviews, references of eligible candidates are checked. Human Resources and relevant department offers a remuneration package to the most eligible candidate. If the applicant accepts the offer, the documents required for recruitment are communicated to the applicant. The candidate delivers necessary document on the date told to him/her and starts working on the date communicated.

Employees who will join the Kervan Gıda family are involved in the orientation process in the first months and have the opportunity to get to know the Kervan family and the business model.